For Better Results, Stop Your Diet Now!

Are you supposed to be on a diet this month?
Stop it. Just stop it.

You said you would get it right this year. But by the third day back at work, you got so overwhelmed with ‘catching up’ and ‘implementing the 2016 direction’ that the crackers in your desk combined with the cupcake for Judy’s birthday turned into lunch.

So what did you do to actually realize the original goal of losing weight? The truth is, very little.

It’s hard to stay on a diet. I know. So just stop now and save the energy for something more fun.

As Americans we have been conditioned to endure a horrible roller coaster; start a diet January 1, bust it for good by February 14, try half-heartedly to eat right in March, act like we are going to “get ready for summer in April, and completely give up by June. From there we go downhill for months until we crash into the holiday season. We then round out with a few more pounds before getting completely fed up and then what? We trot out that same new-year resolution and start all over again.

Lean Cuisine says they have a solution but you need to look a little closer.

Lean Cuisine offers wonderfully inexpensive, overly processed and sugar-laden meals. What you’re actually getting is a hungry foraging excursion through the conference rooms looking for snacks and a side of high-blood pressure. That is not an attractive option.

So now what?

We tend to define “diet” as a short-term shift in our eating habits and in my opinion, that’s the first mistake. We have to change something everyday in order to be effective.

Instead of thinking, “I should diet,” say, “I want to feel better.”

Then decide what that means for you. Personally, I eat better because:

  1. I need energy to keep up with my three young kids
  2. I want clearer skin
  3. I want to have a good workout

Keeping these things in mind encourage me to make better choices at every meal. Accomplishing these things make me feel better and I want that feeling that year-round. Not just in January. So I often pass on the brownie – not because I’m on a diet but because I want to feel better.

It starts now with changing your diet. Not going on a diet.

The change doesn’t have to be big. Very few people can maintain dramatic changes over long periods. That’s why diets fail every time.

Start with doing some research on what healthy eating really means. Then choose one thing to replace. Some people start with beverages like soda. We asked one group of employees to replace their lunches and dinners with Cleveland Clinic Wellness approved, eat+LIVE meals. After one month, they lost weight, lowered their risk of Type II diabetes and most importantly, they felt better.

A few weeks later, many choose something else to change in addition to lunch. Months later, they still feel better about themselves and no one went on a diet.

Oh my gosh, this sounds laborious and time-consuming. It is. But you’ve likely been on the current endless roller coaster for years to no avail. By taking it slow and steady you’ll start to FEEL BETTER and you’ll want that to last.

What will make you feel better about yourself?

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