How The Other Half Lives

You’ve read quite a bit about Eat+LIVE co-founder, Schryse Williams, because it was her mom that provided the inspiration for the company.  Because of her family’s experience, Schryse eats right ALL THE TIME. She carefully plans and prepares her household’s meals to make sure they meet the guidelines for a healthy diet. It’s a picture-perfect dining lifestyle. I love visiting – I’m guaranteed three fabulous meals a day. The unfortunate part is that most of us don’t live the same way.

Schryse is the “eat” in eat+LIVE.

I, however, don’t operate or eat like Schryse. But it occurred to me the other day that we’ve never discussed me. So allow me to introduce myself.

Hello. My name is Nekeidra Frederick and I’m the “LIVE” in eat+LIVE.

My family of five is a typical American crew – busy with work, activities, friends, bedtime routines, etc…I fight everyday to feed my family balanced meals and none of us are likely to pass up a Lucy’s tea biscuit in Cleveland or a Revolution doughnut in Atlanta. As many people know, its very difficult to maintain everything and still eat right routinely.

“It takes a meticulously planned daily schedule to get us through the day, get me through my work outs and avoid the drive thru.”

Average Daily Schedule

6:00 am – First alarm to make sure hubby is home to get the boys to school

7:00 am – Second alarm to get moving, get dressed

7:45 am – Wake up baby girl

8:00 am – Breakfast

8:30 am – Get her to school

9:00 am – Start the day; varies between work, meetings, volunteer obligations (My team plans and executes the marketing for five small businesses)

2:00 pm – Run the list: Did I eat lunch? What’s for dinner? What do kids need? Run errands.

3:00 pm – Kids home. Snack time. Homework. Maybe start dinner

4:30 pm – My workout time

Afternoon activities run from 4:00 – 8:00 pm depending on the day. My nanny and I split the kids/activities each day. I sometimes take a kid with me to the gym

6:00 pm – We eat dinner. I eat at home or take it to wherever I committed to be at that time

7:00 pm – Check homework, reading comprehension

8:00 pm – Get two kids ready for bed. Oldest gets dinner.

9:00 pm – Bedtime. I lay down with the baby girl.

10:00 pm – I finally wake up from “bedtime.” Get ready for bed, maybe find my husband for tea. Maybe not. I could: read a book, journal, catch up on emails. Most likely will goof off on social media and text my friends.

11:00pm – Pass out.

2:00 am – Kid in my face with an issue. Pick anything.

6:00 am – Already?

Some days I’d eat a really late lunch or even skip it altogether. I had no time to run home and I didn’t want to eat fast food. Fast food isn’t healthy but neither is skipping meals. I think I set the bar too high for myself. My food has to meet the following requirements:

Quality: I like to eat good food

Simple: I have three active children under 9 years old. I don’t have time to dink around with complicated recipes.

Convenient: I have three kids in two different schools. I volunteer and I consult. My kid-free time is of the essence.

Filling: I have three children who never sit down and I work out four-five days a week switching between Crossfit and running

I work out regularly so that I can keep up with my kids.

Exercise helps me relax and focus on myself if only for an hour. Photo credit: Creighton Kelly

While Schryse was whipping up something amazing, I was often spinning my wheels trying to find something decent to eat. And I know I’m not alone. I consider myself to be an average stay-at-home mom. What about moms holding down full-time jobs?!

So how did we fix this dilemma?

We combined our needs to develop eat+LIVE meals.

Schryse and the experts from Cleveland Clinic Wellness control for balanced nutrition in each recipe while I carefully analyze each meal for proper fit. It’s my job to make sure our food is ready for real-life.

I’m very scientific with my proven seven-question method of meal selection:

1. What is this fanciness?
2. How quickly can I cook it?
3. Who thought this was a good idea?
3. Will my husband eat this?
4. Hell. Would I ever eat this?
5. I would eat this everyday!
6. Will this give me enough energy to work out or will I pass out?
7. Will this take long? I need to go __ (pick up the kids, go to the gym, get to the office).

I crack a lot of jokes but seriously, if these meals don’t at least work for us, then what’s the point?

Our creation of these meals has changed my flailing mid-day eating routine. No matter what, there is always something decent to eat on the go. I don’t have to plan out my weekly lunch on Sunday or the night before.

If we don’t sell another meal, at least we’ll have something good to eat.

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