Our Customers Have Picked A Side (dish)

It has been nearly three months since Schryse Williams and I launched this site. We had a well-researched and buttoned-up strategy for how our first 90 days would unfold.

Boy, were we wrong.

The market has shown us something we hadn’t even considered. The fact that everyone can use a great-tasting healthy meal – not just people living with a health condition.

Everyone can use a little help in their quest to be healthier and it starts with eating healthier meals – consistently.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of meeting several of our customers and people interested in our meals. They are men and women looking to replace a bad habit or lighten their daily food-preparation task. A lot of our customers are packing eat and LIVE meals for a healthy and convenient lunch at the office.  And some of our customers with busy lifestyles are preparing eat and live meals as a quick and healthy dinner.  It makes sense. The meals are pre-portioned, fully cooked and in your freezer. Why didn’t we think of that?

People have told us the meals are great because:

1. “I can still eat healthy today even though I didn’t have a chance to go to the grocery store.”

2. “My husband is traveling and I don’t feel like cooking for just me.”

3. “I am traveling and I don’t want my spouse to eat junk food while I’m gone.”

4. “It’s less sodium then a Lean Cuisine.”

5. “This is a perfect fit with my weight loss program.”

As we close out or first 90 days we are energized with possibilities. While we started with a great vision for eat and LIVE, our growing community has opened our eyes to a wider base of people in need of healthier options.

What an awesome learning experience.

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