We’re Approved!

Our new brand of home-delivered healthy meals carries the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Go! Healthy food label – and we couldn’t be more excited.

What a journey this has been to get to this point. Following our approval from the Clinic, we opened our virtual doors and hung our sign, “open for business.” The response has been reassuring.

We are on to something.

Right away, we began to hear from people telling us about their need for our service or about how their mom could use our help. Women called us for more details on how to order. Men appreciated that we’ve cooked them a filling meal – one that they don’t have to hide from their spouse. Doctors have responded on behalf of their patients. We even each got a call from our parents who are proud of what we’re doing and offered to lend a hand.

This week we began shipping to residents in over 20 states. Depending on the state, some people will get their meals in 24 hours while others will receive their meals in 48 hours. But that’s not that impressive.

Our customers appreciate that we, unlike any other prepared meal on the market, have been nutritionally vetted and will carry the exclusive title GO! Healthy food label. Cleveland Clinic dietitians and wellness experts developed Go! Healthy foods based on rigorous nutrition standards. Products carrying the Go! Healthy food label must meet these national nutrition guidelines.

Our eat+LIVE meals include a careful balance of calories, sugar and sodium levels, but it’s their delicious flavors that make them truly unique. With dishes such as Tex-Mex Chicken and Southern Style Red Beans & Rice, eat+LIVE meals include everyday American favorites with flavorful infusions from regions across the country. The Cleveland Clinic Go! Healthy foods label allows customers the freedom to mix and match favorite entrees, sides and vegetables without the hassle of watching sodium or added sugar.

Following a diet that meets the Go! Healthy food nutrition guidelines will not only help people live better, but it can also help reverse some previously diagnosed conditions.

All eat+LIVE meals meet the following Go! Healthy requirements:    
1) Minimal saturated fat: Less than 4g of saturated fat for entrees and less than 2 g for sides 

2) No trans fat

3) Minimal added sugar: Less than 4g of added sugar for entrees and less than 2 g for sides 

4) Minimal sodium: Less than 600mg sodium for entrees and less than 480mg for sides

5) Only 100% whole grain

Our meals can help a person change their life for the better — with just one phone call. And people are calling!

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