It’s Simple. Eat Better To Live Better.

Did your doctor tell you to eat better? Do you know how to shop to fit your new diet?

Consider having your food delivered to your door until you figure it out. We’ll help!

Unfortunately, there are an increasing number of Americans that are being forced to dramatically change their eating habits in order to just stay alive. Sometimes it is diabetes or congestive heart failure or even severe obesity. Whatever the diagnosis, health care professionals recommend a quick diet change. Many of us find that prescription almost impossible to fill due to limited knowledge, resources or even desire.

That is where eat+LIVE comes in. 

Finally, everyone can eat great tasting food and not worry about the sodium or sugar levels landing them in the hospital. Finally, everyone can eat great tasting food while losing weight. Finally, everyone can be happy while eating well.

How did we do it?

It’s simple, really. It’s actually not hard to eat great-tasting healthy meals but many people find preparing great-tasting healthy meals a truly daunting task. So we decided to find the best ingredients and do the preparation for you. Then we ship it right to your door so all you do is the easy part, heat and eat!

The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute took notice.

Our nutritional information fit their requirements for real healthy eating. Our meals were given the “thumbs up” in taste tests across various states. It was a perfect match.

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I have tried my first meal….The chicken curry with brown rice and peas. Awesome.
Really taste fantastic!!!

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